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Blow it UP

Blow it Up -

What will 2019 bring? All are predicting while some are looking back. Let’s connect some dots…

1. In 2016, many who voted for the current president did not care for his “policies” or his various, controversial view points. They wanted to tear down the government in the hopes something better would emerge in their favor.

2. Government is not a speed boat, it is a slow moving container ship. It takes approx. 2 years for any consequences or successes to take effect after a new administration takes office. It’s been two years - shit is starting to blow up.

3. Fast forward to 2019 - government has been reduced in some departments - EPA, DOE, DOH, etc. while the debt has ballooned.

4. Republicans have loved to watch Democrats foam at the mouth with rage ov

er the past two years but now I predict an unusual coming together. Democrats will join Republicans in saying “Blow It Up.” #blowitup #merica2019 #cometogether #yay2019



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