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Impact Fashion Show & Summit - REPLAY

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Sep 11, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020


Replay the 5th Impact Fashion!

Learn about the best in impact-driven, environmental-friendly, fair trade brands and experiences in one place.

  • Rewatch 13 panels and workshops from industry leaders on how fashion can empower people, animals, and our planet

  • Enjoy the Impact Fashion Show with Shop The Runway links

  • Shop a curated pop-up marketplace featuring fair trade and vegan clothing and accessories


Featuring discussions with some of the most active influencers and minds in the human rights, animal rights, and sustainability movements.

  • Fair Trade in Fashion featuring Andrea Reyes ( NYC Fair Trade Coalition), Elisha Chan (Fair Trade LA), Farrukh Lalani (Daria Day)

  • Vegan in Fashion featuring Joshua Katcher (Brave Gentleman), Michael Savarie (Hemp Black), Claire Pettibone (Madison Grace), Dr. Luke Haverhals (Natural Fiber Welding)

  • Love Thy Neighbor: Giving Back + Fashion by Haley Jaeger (Atonement Design)

  • Women Led in Fashion featuring Hope Ferdowsian (Phoenix Zones Initiative), Ruby Veridiano (Grit + Glamour), Katie Gilliam (White Rainbow Project), Eveline Morel (O2 Show)

  • The Energy of Fashion: Healing our bodies, closets, and cultures featuring Sica Schmitz (Impact Fashion / Bead & Reel), Corinna Springer (Khora), Bianca Alexander (Conscious Living TV)

  • Inclusivity in Fashion featuring Maureen Smith Phillips (Smith Phillips Consultancy), Caeresa Richardson with (Gypsy Freedom), Claire Powers (KINdom), Marissa Heyl (Symbology)

  • The human, animal, and environmental health costs of fashion: What’s trade got to do with it? by Phoenix Zones Initiative

  • Black Lives Matter in Fashion featuring Bianca Alexander (Conscious Living TV), Valeria Emanuel (Role Models MGMT), Akia Ronai (Impact Fashion Show Stylist), Michelle Rojas- Soto (Encompass),

  • Clean Fibers: Organic & Regenerative Fashion featuring Taryn Hipwell (LA Beyond the Label), Dee Cokar (The Good Tee), Amira Johnson (Designer), Nicole Rawling (Material Innovation)

  • Made in America Fashion featuring Ngozi Okaro (Custom Collaborative), Garik Himebaugh (Eco Stylist), Alexandra Moeser (Nour Zero)

  • Circularity “ Pre-loved and Re-loved" Fashion featuring Rachel Faller (tonlé), Elle Litiatco (Ellerali), Ashleigh Morgan (Recycle2Riches), Tyler Chanel (Thrifts + Tangles)

  • Self Care & Inner Sustainability for Entrepreneurs by Sica Schmitz (Impact Fashion / Bead & Reel)

  • Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation by Manpreet Kalra ( Art of Citizenry)


  • Atonement Design

  • Astor + Orion

  • Daria Day

  • GOEX

  • Kallie & Co

  • KINdom

  • tonlé


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