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Our Clients

Carla Farina


Where do I start? It’s what’s been most valuable? I’ve def been stuck and you’ve been able to help. Most recently was our talk about expanding my products. I came with a question about how to create more value to my customers, you made me also think about how to delegate more too! Super helpful!


Camilla Bottari


We all get stuck in our head. Most of the time we know ourselves so well that we auto sabotage before even start. @abernadette11 helped me to get the best out of me, and districate what was the net that I build around myself and this difficult business. I recommend anyone that want to start a business to get a 1 on 1 session with Andrea. She is so well organized, focus and dedicated that you’ll feel so at ease to never want to go on without her.


Luz Barbosa


I needed help thinking of how to grow my business in the next couple of years, how to put all the various businesses under one umbrella and you helped me figure that out and come up with a map of how to revamp the business/website to encompass it all. Essentials of getting organized is definitely one thing you've helped with. Writing a recap of our session with action steps, who to contact, etc. Doing things imperfectly and being flexible enough to change if needed. Assessing all the products lingering in drawers for years and just putting them out there. Outsourcing and asking for help... I could go on and on..


Get Organized

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