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Our Mentors

Mentors are essential to any businesses growth and sustainability. We've hand picked the below consultants which we think you would benefit from working with. Whether its staying up to date on current guidelines, managing product development, creating marketing strategies, and/or updating your website's SEO content, our mentors have you covered!

Dorothee Sarah Spehar Sustainable Fashion Conslutant and Educator, Founder of DS Agency

Dorothee Spehar


DS Agency

Sustainable Fashion Business Consulting & Education

Founded by Dorothee Sarah Spehar, DS Agency is a sustainable fashion consultancy and provider of educational resources. Taking on clients in need of a business strategy that incorporates ethical standards of operation into its model. DS Agency believes there’s much work to be done before fair trade practices become the norm in the fashion industry, but is attainable through facilitating a collaboration between sustainable businesses and advocates.

Marly Barraza Mar Design Studio Sustainable Fashion Product Development Consultant and Manager

Marly Barraza


Mar Design Studio

Sustainable Fashion Product Development & Creative Design

Founded by Marly Barraza, Advocate Chair of NYC Fair Trade Coalition, Mar Design Studio specializes in managing and consulting product development for sustainable fashion businesses. Working closely alongside clients to properly execute their creative vision for their brand by coordinating the various stages of technical design, sourcing, and manufacturing.

Isabel Varela Sustainable Fashion Advocate Life Style Coach Public Speaker

Isabel Varela

Sustainable Fashion Consultant, Lifestyle Coach, & Public Speaker

Isabel Varela is a sustainable fashion consultant, lifestyle coach, advocate, and public speaker who brings both positivity and encouragement to the table when working with clients. Boasting years of experience (having worked under industry giants like LVMH, Balmains, and Saks) Isabel aims to take her knowledge and use it as a means to empower students, advocates, and anyone else invested in seeing fair trade grow from a niche into an industry standard.

Mak Schenck Consulting Assistant New York

Mak Schenck

Consulting, Research, Writing, & SEO Strategy Assistant

Shortly after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in December 2019 (with a Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences for Fashion Business Management), Mak Schenck has worked under A. Bernadette as an assisting consultant. Handling various projects involving research on fashion market sectors, competitive business strategies, and textiles. As well as assisting in creating and executing SEO strategies from a non-coding standpoint

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