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"Bouncing Back in the Sustainable Way" - Mess Magazine

Updated: May 6, 2021

By Dorothee Sarah Spehar

New York City skyline during daytime as seen from across the river.


"One of the most amazing platforms for community-based events is NYC Fair Trade Coalition. With events as online education classes or the Harlem plant swap, the grassroots organization is thriving with energy and possibilities right now. Their spring workshops are just about to start, and I can totally recommend signing up! It’s great to see how the volunteers and board members apply themselves to form a safe space for everyone who wants to slowly start participating in real-life events again. Andrea Reyes who is the chair of NYC FTC has just recently started collaborating with The SwapAteria. This event was held in a Manhattan hotel and was basically a Swap shopping experience, based on blockchain traceability and community building. What a great collaboration! "


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