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Day 3: Greet Everyone

Today I got it right. Literally had to write down what I wanted my day to look like. Coffee, read, yoga, write, breakfast, meetings, etc. Shaking off the business of traveling, I’m allowing my speed to slow. Hoping each day will stretch on while thinking how I will fill my days for the following month. Those competing thoughts push me to soothe my mind and remember I’ve been here before. I’ve solo travelled since I was 21 years old. Ethiopia was especially challenging, leaving a boyfriend behind, yet so eager to leave NYC. I spent one month in Ethiopia before spending 1 year in Uganda. I was volunteering and had duties and responsibility but felt very alone and did not click with the other volunteers. To have one full month stretch before you with loose plans pushes you to sink into yourself and hopefully get comfortable. No distractions. But this time is different. The internet is omni-present and work must get done. We are all a little too good at being alone nowadays.

Jamaica is the perfect destination to get used to talking to strangers again.

Step one: Greet everyone.

Step two: make a joke. “Princess - are you alone?” A child man asks.

“Yes, but not lonely.” is my reply.

Step tree: Just keep walking. If what they want is so important, they will keep up with your pace. Unless, it is a woman. Then you stop and ask for their advice. “What would you order for lunch?”

Step four: Relax. Inshallah, it is in Gods hands.

About a 3 min walk from my new home, is a lovely little cafe/restaurant with outdoor seating and a variety of local and American food. For $4.00 I ate a delicious fish taco.

Meeting took place. Work was accomplished. Food was ate. An afternoon swim using the inflatable raft I brought. It was a good day.


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