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Meet the Organization: WFTO

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

World Fair Trade Organization Andrea B. Reyes Sustainable Fashion Mentor A. Bernadette NYC


Interested in sourcing fair trade products? Don't know where to start? Join us Saturday, August 10th for a special Meet the Organization with chief executive officer, Erinch Sahan. Erinch will take us through the global perspective of fair trade, how to navigate the different systems, and how to get information about Fair Trade producers and importers from the WFTO website. He will also highlight some key members, and explain how to develop partnerships with Fair Trade Enterprises. Highlighting SDG's (UN Sustainable Development Goals): 17 - Partnership for the Goals Come for the knowledge, stay for the conversation, and return time and time again to take advantage of our rotating fashion swap* *Never attended a fashion swap? Bring your lightly-used clothing and pick up new-to-you threads. Become a member and attend monthly meetings for free! Visit to join!


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