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Life after volunteering with The Real Uganda

By Leslie Weighhill - April 7, 2016

Andrea Reyes: Andrea volunteered with us for 6 weeks in 2007. While she was already a fashion student, and aspired to be a designer, she originally came to work with children in Uganda.

Through creativity, encouragement and love, she inspired her students to study hard and follow their dreams. She led by example and started her own social enterprise (with her sister!) when she returned home.

A. Bernadette works with artisans in Jinja, Uganda. They create accessories, bags, and apparel made from recycled materials. Traditional African weaving techniques, combined with a modern aesthetic, are used to make unique items that deepen the conversation with consumers regarding conscious consumption and supply chain awareness.

Fast forward 6 years, A. Bernadette is attempting to do this in the most sustainable way, slow and steady. The Real Uganda is proud to have been there at the beginning! Want to shop for some rad fair trade goodies? Click here!


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