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Work from Home Tips and Trick

I love working from home. I've had the pleasure of working remotely, teaching online, leading the NYC Fair Trade Coalition from afar, and organizing activities with teams in different time zones. While in Uganda I've lived in somewhat remote places where leaving after dark was not safe, stayed in places where I was the only resident, and spent days not leaving my home. Some of these activities were self-imposed while others were out of my control.

Currently working from home in Harlem, NYC during the Covid 19 outbreak brings back familiar feelings from my past experiences and offers new experiences as there seems to be no timeline for when this might end.

I can understand working from home is not for everyone but with a little practice and a little compassion for yourself, you too can enjoy working from home. Here are my tips and tricks:

1. Make a list. The more detailed the better. Make a list first in your head once you wake up and spend the first verticle 10 mins of your day writing it down.

2. Schedule in breakfast, coffee, and other breaks. If you can keep these breaks consistent from day to day your mind will thank you. Humans love consistency.

3. Cross items off your list once you've completed them. I have a running google doc that I've used for over 5 years.

4. Schedule calls during the times that you find hardest to keep working. My tough hours are 3-5pm.

5. Stop working and take a walk. NYC friends if you have a library card Libby is a great app where you can get audiobooks to listen while you walk.

All the best,

Prof. Reyes


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