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Day 10: Rainy Day

The rain came. It poured all day. I love a good rainstorm. It gives you permission to let go of any expectations of going outside for the day. It was chilly enough to put on leggings and snuggle up in my hammock. It gave me permission to put down my computer and lounge around. A few meetings were conducted and preparations for that evening's board meeting but beyond that I was hammock bound.

Perspective is everything. I keep revisiting gratitude. Grateful for the opportunity to spend 1 month in Jamaica, appreciative of the internet and the ability to work from anywhere, and humbled by COVID. I keep playing the “what if COVID wasn’t a thing” mind game. What would I be doing differently? How would I spend my time here in Jamaica? Would it make a big difference? Truthly, probably not too much. My type of solo traveling is not filled with tourist activities. I travel to get away from activities, interactions, and “annoyances”. I travel to dig into myself, sink into my vibe, and let my mind wander. Sure I could do that from the comfort of my bedroom in Harlem but the true trick to creativity is boredom. COVID has certainly brought boredom. I’ve never spent so much time looking longingly out my window onto the street, or noticed all the imperfections on my ceiling but staring out into nature, out onto the ocean is different.

I’ve brought a few items to keep my mind and body active while I hold out in my cabin, a puzzle of myself, literally, a jump rope, a blow up workout ball, a jacket which needs mending, two books, two notebooks, and a speaker for jamming.


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