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Day 13: Vlog

I used to work 7 days a week. Prone to burnout, I’ve put a concerted effort to least spend Saturday away from the computer. I’d love to tell you I had a wild weekend, saw some beautiful scenes, and got into some trouble but this weekend was boring. It is easy to blame COVID for not going out but in reality I don’t know what “going out” looks like anymore. I’ve stopped drinking. I wouldn’t say I was a heavy drinker but after last year, alcohol lost its luster. I was bored of relying on drinking for entertainment, tired of not sleeping well, and wanted a clear head to get creative in my free time. I could also blame the 8pm curfew in Jamaica for my lack of adventure but in reality I don’t like going out at night. I used to say, nothing honorable happens at night. Yes - I’ve certainly had my fair share of wild parties but I’ve also had some very scary encounters at night.

Unable to identify why my vibe was off, I found myself back at the beach. This time I brought my phone. When I’m feeling blocked creatively and uninspired to work, I look to write or talk. This Saturday I chose to talk it out.


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