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Day 6: Inside Hammock/Outdoor Shower - What a world.

I woke up very early. I believe it was a struggle staying up past 9am the night before. I decided to go for a run. It doesn’t happen often but consistent enough where I’m not struggling. Looking at the map, there are only a few streets and only 2 that lead to the ocean. It’s unfortunate how much of the waterfront is privately owned. Private estates and acres hide Jamaica’s beauties beyond gates. Check out the video below. Found at the end of Church St.

Late morning I had my first official “tea” with Ronnie, the property owner, NY’er, and later learned artists. Her “hut” kicks my huts ass. A giant vaulted geodesic shaped home. Lots of natural light. We had coffee. Ronnie and Asha have known each other for 30+ years. Perhaps to Ronnie’s chagrin I invited Asha to join us for tea. Ronnie being a soft spoken artist, Asha took up much of the conversation. A giggly, rasta, grandma who loves to talk, I guess it runs in the family. Of course the conversation quickly moved to COVID. Man do I love talking about COVID with old people. They are fearful of the vaccine, yes, but also fear getting the COVID test. Not afraid of getting COVID. Hm. Okay. I ask or state, “You’ve had vaccines right? You are still alive, no?” “Do you not like modern medicine?” Or my favorite. “Oh so you don’t believe there is a virus.” Never getting upset because I love to debate and understand where people come from. Fortunately or unfortunately I mostly hangout with people where we have many shared beliefs. The coffee was lovely, the fruit salad I brought hit the spot, and by 1pm I was on my way to the beach.

I only have a few photos from the beach because I stopped bringing my phone. As I leave my items on the side of the beach, unattended, I know my phone is staff at home. So let me paint you a picture.

A small strip of sand leads to a rocky path following the ocean and a man-made stone wall. With a few trees lining the wall, there are a few hidden spots to set up camp. The beach usually has 3-4 children playing on the sandy side while I walk down a bit to drop my items on the rocks. The water is clear, blue, and the same temperature as the air. My greatest accomplishment while in Jamaica to date is bringing my beloved purple blow up raft. I might add a photo below to capture what I am describing. It is very important you have any image of me floating alone, occasionally paddling closer to the shore. It is heaven. Two large boats stand guard to the mouth of the ocean. Distance resort beaches can be seen as just a few fishermen linger about. I keep an eye on my bag but mostly to keep myself from falling asleep and drifting out to sea. No one can get to me. Any passing beach boys are too far away to be a both, so I thought.

Today a man was doing laps and stopped for a chat. His stats are irrelevant but asked as I was paddling off for my number. I laugh, “Sure, you have a pen and paper?”

“I’ll remember it,” was his reply. This had to be tested. I sing my digits and bid him good luck. Later that night he made good on his promise.

Heading home in the afternoon, is when the real highlights of the day took place. First, I discovered there is an outdoor shower behind my cabin. Whoa! Not many people know this about me… but I LOVE an outdoor shower. The freedom.

While floating early, I was scouting out the beach for trees to hang my hammock from. Yes, I brought a hammock because well I’m a professional relaxer. Thinking what a waste of good suitcase space, not a tree in the compound nor on the beach would do the trick, I noticed two large hooks screwed into sturdy beams on either side of the cabin. “YOOOOOO,” I said aloud. Lunging for the hammock I quickly string it up and slowly lower myself on the hammock. Sweet, sweet success. My new favorite work spot. Swinging in the cabin.


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