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Day 8: Jinxed

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I jinxed myself yesterday. It’s been 3 days since I wrote updates from Jamaica. Monday felt off. Moving into week 2 the solitude of my cabin was making me a bit restless. The typical Monday meetings with interns, an afternoon interview and evening Queens Qweens meeting. There wasn’t enough time between meeting to run errands or explore even for a short time. The day was cloudy and rain threatened the air. By the afternoon I needed to escape. I wandered down to the beach prepared to jump in and do a lap or two. The water was a bit choppy, no other swimmers, and only two or three humans lingering along the shore. I started to head towards a spot to drop by things when I noticed something rolling around as the water broke onto the sand. It looked like a toe. I didn’t touch it. My stomach sank a bit. Undeterred, I dropped my items and dove into the water. By the first lap, my stomach was in knots. Alone, swimming, thinking about body parts, and increasingly saddened by the trash that was quickly becoming more noticeable. Perhaps it was the incident from yesterday that gave me the creeps. I returned back to my items, put my clothes back on and walked home. That was my Monday.


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