A problem is simply an unrealized solution. - A. Bernadette

According to The School of Life, study human unhappiness to find your next business idea.
If you can't identify a problem you are trying to solve within your company, you are a part of the problem.
Sustainable thinking teaching us without considering the triple bottom line -- people, planet, profit, as your stakeholders and treating reduce, reuse, recycle as key parts to your policies and procedures your living in the past.
I invite you to check out the below ideas, make them better, and keep questioning your ethics as you go forth.

When teaching international trade we explore trading currency, services, information, products, and people. People in the tourist, immigration, visa sense. After listening to Terry Gross’ Fresh Air interview with Natasha Lyonne, I’m adding digital visuals to the list; photos. During the interview actress Natasha Lyonne, most recently in the Netflix show Russian Doll, mentions she wishes she didn’t take her body so serious in her younger years and used it more professionally. Terry Gross questioning if this was a joke pushed Lyonne to explain she envies her friends who put their body out their consistently whether on a bill board or social media post, stating they see it as another tool and not as linked to self as Lyonne does. This idea to use your body as a tool, as a currency is something I’ve dabbled with myself but never felt comfortable making it an integral part of my brands. Why, when we live in a world where nudity is not shocking, the female body is advocating for praise, and young and young woman are showing their bodies in all its diverse forms.

I remember a few years back I was on a quest to find a role model who I could look towards and strive to achieve the success, power, and respect they had, through the means they had acquired it. I never found one. Having dabbled with exposing my body, a body that I often joke has become more marketable and trendy in the past decade, always attracted the wrong type of attention. I often say, no matter how sexy, attractive, interesting I am, it does not automatically attract the same. If anything the sexier I am, the more insecure I appear and well insecurity attracts insecurity. Sexy, awful terrible men seem to appear out of nowhere. So what did I do? I proclaimed I didn’t want to look like a 10(scored 1-10 on sexiness), I wanted to looked like a 7(very subjective). I wanted to dress a bit dowdy, forcing my audience to have to look past my external self and look deeper within myself and judge me for my words, actions, and energy.

No shaming here though. If you use your body as currency whether on IG, your general marketing strategy, or a giant billboard, do you boo. Just one questions. Do you want your body, the image of your body, to be digital trash? To be quickly scrolled past? After a while the thrill you feel and shock or praise you receive will wear off. What will you do next to keep that attention going? For me, I will continue to hide my body under clothes, ethical clothes. If you want to see this body you are going to have to show up, typically to an NYC Fair Trade Coalition, #NYCFairTrade event, volunteer, give your time, effort, and energy to a worthy cause. That is the currency I will accept.

One of the few body shots. Makes me smile. This was after a long trip in Uganda over looking Lake Victoria. Makes me cringe to think about the unsavory characters viewing this shot very differently..

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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Calling all creatives, freelancers, aspiring business owners and those who support entrepreneurial activities!

Join A. Bernadette for a four part business plan writing workshop.

The four parts will be broken down into:

Session 1- Market Research, Target Market, & Competitive Landscape

Give us your pitch. Don't have one? No worries. We are here for you in this first session to tackle the market research, identify your target market, and check out the competitive landscape. Let's make sure your idea has some legs, is original, and has a market out there.

Session 2- Branding & Marketing

What does your brand stand for? What is the foundation of your company? The triple bottom line? Do you stand for women's empowerment? The environment? Technology? Let's find your intersection and make a marketing plan. Who are your ideal partners and how do we get them to notice you?

Session 3- Product Development

You've got your company name, logo, and ideal customer, now let's give them a beautiful quality product. We'll tap into our fair trade fashion resources and come up with a plan to find pattern makers, production managers, manufacturers, and ethically sourced supplies.

Session 4- Retailing and Distribution

Maybe the most important and hardest to execute, retailing and distribution, we will examine the many ways to bring your items to market and how to grow in a sustainable way. From pop-up shops to trade shows we'll go over each and talk about the benefits and pitfalls.

How each session works:

Each session will begin with a lesson on the subject matter of the day. Next, a workshop will be given to help you answer the questions which will create your business plan. Lastly, we will buddy up and read our answers to receive feedback. The instructors will be around to answer any questions. This is an active workshop so bring your laptops and we'll bring the coffee!

*These classes are not only subject to fashion but that is our expertise. Service-based businesses are also welcome.

#sustainablefashion #sustainableNYC #NYCFiestas #NYCFairTrade @NYCFairTrade @ABernadette11 #NYCevents #Business #SustainableBusiness #EthicalBusiness #FairTradeBusiness

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Updated: Apr 2, 2019

It’s been a long 6 months of pretty consistent travel, - Uganda, NJ/NY, Florida, NJ/NY, Florida Part II, NJ/NY, California (Broken ankle), NY/NJ (for too long while on the mend), DC, Uganda, Austin.

I’m FINALLY back in my own bed in Harlem. AHHHH! Feels great.

Someone asked me how old I was the other day and I thought to myself, well no I said out loud, “Damn, I’m still 32?” Feels like this year has kept going and going and going.

Thinking back to my mental state back in Sept. I’ve got a lot to process. But when you are an entrepreneur there is no time to process. I need to figure out what my next couple of months will look like NOW!

I will take the moment to pat myself on the back for finishing up some long term projects and planting the seeds for hopeful future opportunities.

1. I wrote a text book - Apparel Costing - Coming to you end of 2019

2. I got an apartment in Jinja, Uganda - Each time I visit Uganda I have to start from scratch figuring out where I will stay and how I will consume coffee each morning.

3. I applied to get my PhD and didn’t NOT get in. I applied to the London School of Economics and received a letter stating they were suspending the program for 1 year for retooling. I think my ideas were too mind expanding and I blew it up. Back to the drawing board.

4. I learned I could live in a suit case long term. I’ve always been a great packer (Shout out to Louis Vuitton #KnowYourHistory) but I didn’t know if I’d feel comfortable being a nomad. Can I feel at home with myself even when I have no home? Yes… Yes I can.

5. I led a very successful trip to Uganda. The group consisted of 8 travelers. I was unsure if I’d like touring that size group around but LOVED setting the tone of the trip and seeing Uganda through their eyes. It truly made me realize how lovely, helpful, and friendly Ugandans are. In Uganda there is never a, “NO”… but a, “We will make it work.”

There are plenty more updates on my side but for now that will have to do. Looking forward here is what I’m working on now.

1. Global Fest - As well as teaching and organizing trips, I run the NYC Fair Trade Coalition. We are working on our first fundraiser. So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my ability to ask for help, money, and donations. I’ve always doubted my ability to gather such help. #NYCFairTrade

2. Trips, trips and more trips! The plan for A. Bernadette has always been to bring people to Uganda but this year we’re expanding to offer trips to a variety of different locations. Each trip will consist of fashion/artisan exploration, nature, and coincide with a conference, festival, or workshop. July - Uganda, August - Alaska, September - Peru. #travel

3. WORKSHOPS! I love to create dynamic group environments where learning is at the core covered with entrepreneurial, business development, and smothered positive vibes. #learn

4. This May & June I’m bringing our Business Workshop back home(we’ve been on tour to Chicago, and LA). We’re looking forward to reconnecting with NYC friends and very open to going back on the road to Detroit and other cities soon! #fairtrade

5. Sustainable Fashion Community Center - If I keep saying it enough, it will happen. The goal: open center June 2019 in a co-working space near you. Half swap shop/NYC FTC Collective, this space will give us a home to do MORE programming, MORE planning, and MORE coalescing. #SustainableFashion

Want to get involved? Hit me up and let’s spend the day together getting ish done!


Prof. Reyes

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